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In a culture swimming in antiquated marketing strategies, you’ve got to be bold, you’ve got to get creative, and you’ve got to be willing to break the mold. Feast your eyes on unconventional branding.

But what, exactly, is an unconventional branding strategy? These are the tactical game-changers; the disruptors, the rule-breakers, the word-of-mouth builders, and the street guerrillas who refuse to play by the rules of conventional advertising and promotion. These are the marketers who seek unique, low-cost marketing channels and social media explosions that engage and win over customers. They are unconventional brand marketing tactics that are here to stay.

But it’s not just a matter of being different for different’s sake. Unconventional branding is about truth, about storytelling, and about speaking to your audience in a way that cuts through and goes to a deeper level. It’s about having the balls to dare to be different, to be as interesting and distinctive from a personality standpoint as your product is from a feature standpoint.

Whether it’s tapping into emerging technologies, staging attention-grabbing stunts, or producing visceral brand experiences, it’s all about experimentation and play: breaking the rules, challenging convention, and pushing yourself creatively.

At Creavista, we love to turn the chaos of unconventional branding into the power of unconventional branding to liberate your business from convention and thereby actually reach your full potential creativity-wise. Do you want your brand, with your full potential creativity-wise, to stand out from the crowd with your full potential creativity-wise, or whatever? Right? Write to us and we will help you do it, ever so unconventionally. We can rewrite the rule book of marketing for you, unconventionally.

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