Looking to increase the number of new leads coming into the business?

Dussan Eye Care needs new leads

It’s important to take advantage of the seasonal nature of your business and focus on the most time-sensitive sector first.

We’ll be solely using Google Adwords to target your potential customers.

Currently, you’re averaging 7 enquiries a week, we’ll be looking to increase that to upwards of 30 enquiries each week.

Where your ads will appear?

Google Adwords

Location, Location, Location.

The objective is to get in front of people who are looking for what you sell. Many have tried but the only true way to do this is by getting in front of people actively searching for it on Google.

“Wedding planner” or “event planner” is always going to be too expensive to be able to profit from it.

Adding your location will help to bring it down but there are other ways of bringing the cost down and making it not only affordable but incredibly profitable.

Multiple Phases

Low-Hanging Fruit.

The idea is to do this in multiple phases, the first phase is to get you some leads to play with.

We’ll be going for the low-hanging fruit, where possible, just to get things going in the right direction.

Once you start generating some revenue then that will give you the confidence and finances to fund the more experimental, but higher rewarding keywords.

The Process...

Step 1  |  Interview

Before we get started, we need to understand exactly who we’re trying to target, what they might be interested in and how they might respond to certain things.

It’s unlikely you’ll know exact answers but it gives a starting point.

Step 2  |  Sample Ads

You need to feel comfortable.

It’s vital that you are happy with the language, the ad copy
and the images we’re using.

Sometimes odd combinations and weird, out of the box ideas are the most effective but we’ll never run anything against your wishes.

Once approved…

Step 3  |  Start Running Ads

We will get going as soon as possible, then add more campaigns over the coming days.
The idea behind this is to get you used to the traffic, the email volume and the level of enquiries.

It’s no good us turning the traffic tap on max when you’re struggling to handle the first lot of enquiries.

Step 4  |  Ongoing Revisions

There’s a concept called “ad blindness”.

It’s where you see the same ad again and again and as a result, you start to tune it out.
It might even help you massively and be exactly what you’re looking for but for whatever reason, your brain ignores it.

For that reason, we keep recycling the ads:
The majority of the ad will stay but instead of saying “Get Your Free Report” we might change it to “Free Checklist: Get Yours”.

Same idea; just looks different visually

Step 5  |  Going Forward

Over time, we’ll start to notice which types of ads, markets, platforms and targeting are actually producing customers.

You never know this from day one. 

Eventually, we can start shutting down the ads that aren’t as effective at producing customers and double down on the ones that are.

Oddly enough, sometimes you can have very well performing ads that just attract tyre-kickers. On paper, it’s great but in reality, they don’t pay.
On the other hand, you can have a badly performing ad that actually filters people out, leaving only the very interested people clicking.

An example of this is called “price filtering”. It’s where you put a price in the ad. Anyone not prepared to spend any money will not bother clicking saving you a click from someone who wasn’t ever going to buy anyway.


It will take around 10 days to get your first set of ads live.

Your Investment

Analytics Monthly Report (Number of Leads) will be review at the end of every month.



• A $500 Deposit is required as Initiation fee. The deposit funds will used for the last payment of the contract or as a cancellation fee.

• Additional Management Time is available for $120 per hour and will be billed separately.

• Content for Ads and Posts will be planned and determined during the Bi-weekly Strategy Meetings.

• Client must provide the necessary context for topics and key points for weekly topics.

• Cancellation of contract must be requested *30 days before each starting cycle. (Date TBD) 

* If cancellation does not comply with agreement, the deposit funds will not be returned and services will be terminated automatically.

• Monthly payments must be done automatically via our electronic pay system. (Transaction Card Fee will be added to the monthly fee)

  • Late payments: An additional 15% will be added for every late month. ($75) 



• Video Production, Animations or Photography Services

• Website Maintenance, WEB Design or Web Development.

(Additional Creative Services Available Upon Request)

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