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Fernando García

Co-Founder of Creavista,

Brand Strategist

Say goodbye to meeting madness - we're adopting a bi-weekly 15-minute format to embrace time-saving brilliance!

Effortlessly Manage Your Design Board with Trello: Queued Assignments, Visualize, Track, and Conquer Tasks!

Invite as many participants as you like to work together, submit, and track their tasks with Creavista's single funnel solution.

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Fernando García

Founder of Creavista,

Brand Strategist

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Creative Services

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Pause or Cancel Anytime.
$ 4,997
  • No Minimum Commitment
  • One Month Unlimited
  • Unlimited Project Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Music
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Save $500 Per Month.
$ 4,497
  • *Quarterly Contract Pricing
  • Three Months Unlimited
  • Unlimited Project Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Music


Save $1,000 Per Month.
$ 3,997
  • *Annual Contract Pricing
  • Twelve Months Unlimited
  • Unlimited Project Requests
  • Unlimited Project Revisions
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Music

Web Design

Requires An Active Plan Subscription.
$ 997
Per Page
  • + On-Going Maintenance $497/Month
    *Billed After Launch
  • One-Page Responsive Website/Landing Page
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Wordpress Content Management System
  • Unlimited Stock Photos
  • One E-mail Account
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

Video Content

Requires An Active Plan Subscription.
$ 1,497
Per :30 Seconds
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Stock Video
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom 2D Animations
  • One Voiceover Announcer
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Music
  • In-House Production Only
  • No On-The-Field Productions
    (Out of Scope)

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Connect with us to learn how Creavista can be your one-stop for on-demand creative services!

How It Works

Simplify your design work! Our innovative solutions streamline your creative process for greater efficiency and speed.

Step 1

Choose the best plan that aligns with your business needs! Our plans are flexible - if situations change, cancel anytime. Adjust your plan to fit your business at any point in time.

Step 2

After your purchase, we'll email your receipt and an invite to your own digital dashboard ✨. Just follow the link, upload some details and assets about your business, and we'll take care of the rest for you!

Step 3

After signing up, level up your branding game with a personalized 1-on-1 strategy session. Our brand advisor, Fernando García, will explore your business goals and help create a killer, tailor-made plan! 😎

Step 4

With Trello, access an awesome creative request queue panel. Add unlimited requests to your personalized wish list and we'll initiate & deliver one project at a time. Let your creativity run wild! ✨


When you submit the secured website content form via Google Forms, you’ll select two “Date & Time” options to meet with our Ninja Brand Strategist. You will receive a 30 minute, Zoom Conference Invite via email from the two options you previously submitted on the website content form.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our Ninja Brand Strategist for a 30 minutes Zoom Conference. On the 1-on-1 personal attention, you’ll go over the best web features that will suit your business needs. You’ll be able to go over the information you submitted on the website content form. The Ninja Brand Strategist will share insights to best position and showcased your brand according to your business industry. 

Your new OnepageClick Website will be ready in 15 days or 30 days (Depending on your package) after your “Content Submission and 1-on-1 Session is completed. Not, when you sign up.

Once your ‘Website Content Form” is Submitted and Your 1-on-1 Session with the Ninja Brand Strategist is completed, our Developers and Design Team will be assigned to work around the clock and send you the 1st draft of your new website. Please allow 10 business days for the first draft submission. 

The monthly subscription will be allocated to cover the premium service detailed in the product description as well as the “bonuses” valued over $700 a year.


The “One-Time” payment will cover the Development, Custom Design, Content Upload to your new OnepageClick Website.

The refund can only be done if have not sent the website content/information as confirmation to proceed with the development and design process.

Once you have selected one of our stunning designed templates and uploaded your information and assets, that is the CONFIRMATION you have approved the website design for our team of developers and designers to proceed to work with your new website.  Your investment is allocated to their time and resources dedicated to your new website.  


The renewal process is automatic unless you reach us via email within “30 days in advance” before your 1st end-of-year.  This will allow us to proceed with the proper protocol with transferring your domain name with your new or current provider.

The monthly subscription fee based on your membership. You will be charge automatically for every month using of our service.

The websites designs are not for sale, transferable, or downloadable, so the website will be live as long as the membership is active. We’ll provide a 7 days grace period if there is any delayed in payment. Then a your website will be removed from our servers unless the membership is renewed within 15 days after cancellation.   Otherwise, your website and its content will be deleted from our servers.

Available Only for OnePage “8 Blocks” Plan: Must Submit the Calendly Credentials via email along with your Order ID, and Domain Name via email to: Team@www.onepagejoy.com